I sit on my island, and ponder why you exiled me here,
In the back of my mind, Ill find the answer,
And push it down before it comes clear
Before it come clear

Because I
I want more than I can have

When I talk people listen,
They lay down their lives for me,
Now the sheep have lost their shepherd,
And Im wondering, which way will they flee
Which way will they flee

Because I
I cant tell them where to go

Well march on the capital tomorrow,
And see who is still willing to follow me,
Straight to a city they wont bother to defend,
Stand under my tower once again,
With my faithful countrymen

Because I
Cant tell them where to go
I want more than I can have

The mainland is calling me,
The capital is calling me,
The papers are calling me,
A monster, an exile, a hero, a king,
Theyre calling me