Iím going through the motions, when itís all I got left to do,
So rest here my sweet angel, Iíll wait forever just to hold you,
Itís just the same town, just the same old sound ringing,
Oh itís ringing again and again,
Weíre growing older, itís getting colder, and babe I think this is the end,
Cause Iíve been, sitting right here, forever and a day on a day,
Iím watching these waves crash in the moonlight and if that ainít right,
What the hell am I doing here?
So this is what it comes down to, when youíre waiting on your life,
Itís just one long road; itís time for me to go,
See whatís in store for tonight ...

So promise me one thing, weíll be back here someday,
When Iím crazy for leaving, cause hereís where I want to stay,
But the same old, itís just getting oh so old, and Iím taking my last bow,
Cause this is my ticket, am I getting on?
Have I sold out?
Am I leaving this town?